July 16, 2024
How to Sell Without Selling?

How to Sell Without Selling?

Looking at the title, someone might think it strange or confusing. But in fact, this marketing technique is true and underutilized by the public. Selling is an art, how to build good relationships, build trust. The purpose of this title is how to sell but does not look like selling a product or service in general.

When you have a conversation with a consumer, don’t jump in or make the product the main topic of conversation. But keep the consumer carried away and enjoy the chat, until finally the order will follow. Then, what is the technique of selling without selling? Here are a few ways to sell but without selling.

Sell ​​an interesting story

One of the best ways to sell without appearing to be selling is to sell the story around the product attractively without exaggerating which will actually make your product fail in the eyes of consumers.

When the story that is told is interesting, then it is assisted by additional media such as video or testimonial data that will further make consumers believe in using the product or service you offer. You don’t have to represent the product or service, but you do have to sell the vibe around the product. This is useful so that consumers still know what you mean to sell but in a comfortable way. Get creative, just by making sure what you are selling can live up to all the claims you make.

Promotion in the form of a teaser

Generally, teasers are less than and up to 1 minute long. From a duration of 1 minute, this is your opportunity to be able to attract attention and lure consumers to be interested in the product or service you offer. This teaser video must be made as attractive as possible, which of course you have previously seen how your market share is, so that the elements in the video match market share. An interesting teaser video can make consumers fall into your “trap” and then contact you to find out more about the product or service.

To make this teaser, you have to prepare what materials will be included in the teaser video. In this case what usually takes part is the video editor, production, management. Before publishing, show it to the relevant parties first so that there is approval and not miss communication.


Of course to do this slamming price, you need to see competitors how they sell, how they can get a lot of customers. One of them is price, there are typical consumers who invade low prices and even this many factors, not because they don’t have enough money, but while there are promos, discounts or low prices why not use it? When you have decided to make a low price, you must be prepared for the risks that may occur, such as small margins even if there is no margin. Calculate it well, don’t let it make your business lose.

Limited Products

Another fantastic way to sell without appearing to be selling is to tell them about your amazing product, then tell them that your product is limited edition or not sold in large quantities, giving them the feeling that not having them will be a loss.

This strategy, while risky, can help create hype around your product. With supply running low, thanks to trusted customers and repeat customers, it will provide social proof to new buyers. When out of 100 products are sold and 20 are left, the consumer will think that he does not want to be left behind like 80 other people and feel that good the product is sold to the market. The fear of falling behind can be a powerful sales tool if it is rarely used.

Content Marketing Techniques

Content Marketing is content that provides information that is attractive to readers and is in accordance with the intended target market. With this content marketing, it is hoped that it can present relevant, valuable and consistent content, of course. Using this strategy is to ensure that you are a person who has a good product, understands the benefits of the product, and provides information consistently.

Especially in this digital era, you must be able to take advantage of tools like this. Social media that can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere. Everyone can connect from any country, can know your product or service from any corner of the country. The media used for content marketing are usually like:

-Social media


-Landing Page


Be an entrepreneur who can keep up with the times, because this can help your business to always look up to date, while maintaining a reliable product or service.

Selling with soft or hard selling techniques is your choice as an entrepreneur. All can be done when you know how your market share character, prefer soft or direct to the point or hard selling. There must be pluses and minuses from this method, it remains how you implement it.

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