June 13, 2024
How to Become a Reliable Marketer

How to Become a Reliable Marketer

Kotler & Armstrong (2008: 6) stated that marketing (marketing) is a process in which companies create value for customers and build strong relationships with customers, with the aim of capturing the value of customers in return. The actors of this marketing are called marketers. This profession can be called the spearhead in a company, although all parts of the company play a role, with marketers, consumers can be more interested in the products or services offered.

Selling is the only way a company or individual can generate income. Marketers must be able to make consumers interested and convinced to buy your product or use your services. It takes the right expertise in doing this, missteps may cause consumers instead of being interested, they may even run away. These skills can be continuously honed and developed, by taking classes, seeing tutors from social media.

Here are four techniques you can put into practice, either for yourself or your employees and start earning more, such as:

Keep away negative thoughts

The variety of consumer characters often makes marketers down and ends up conveying what they shouldn’t. Like selling is manipulative, imagining a pushy car salesman, annoying caller, or chatty mall employee. So that consumers will feel, they are buying something that is not needed or spending too much money because of aggressive and wrong sales tactics, giving rise to several assumptions such as:
– Selling is pushy
– Selling is boring
– Selling is a waste of time.

It is easier for humans to remember bad experiences than positive experiences. Instead of giving in to these negative thoughts, think about when a salesperson helped you; when she makes the process of buying what you need downright fun. Do marketing in a fun way and make consumers feel well served. When this goes well, it is possible that it will provide for you as a marketer.

Focus on Your Beliefs

Focus on connecting your beliefs with what you have to offer the world. You will feel good about doing it, and if you are excited, you will continue to do it even when rejected. Even though there will be many different perspectives on your product or service, it’s normal, you shouldn’t be easily swayed. When marketing a product or service to consumers, you must believe in yourself first in order to spread the positive energy of belief to consumers.

Describe your product or service

You can explain about the products or services offered. However, in this fast-paced era, it is typical for consumers to have very little time to talk on the phone so they ask for further explanation via text conversation. And vice versa, there are typical that prefer to be explained over the phone.

In addition, a marketer can share stories in the form of testimonials to give the impression of trust and to make consumers more happy. Not all services or products are about saving the world, but they all have something that can save money, make money, save time, avoid effort, provide better health or hygiene, or increase love, praise, or status and bring joy and peace of mind. .

As much as possible to answer any questions asked by consumers related to your company’s products or services. that means, you have to master the product that will be offered. As much as possible minimize consumer assumptions that you do not work professionally just because you are not good at your product.

Offer Free Content

Consider having a base of content that you offer for free. This will not only allow you to build a reputation as an expert, but it will also allow you to stand out to customers who may be hesitant to believe. Like offering a product for free for 30 days that many companies have tried. Or you could offer an email newsletter with daily or weekly tips on how to improve your lifestyle. That way, you will have a very valuable database. You can use this database at any time and for the long term.

The existence of this kind of free offer, will make it easier at the beginning to attract consumers. After they use and feel the benefits, it is not impossible that they will use it for a fee or even become a subscription. Because they feel what is being offered is exactly what they are looking for and need.

Of course, there are more techniques for closing sales once you’ve landed a potential client and turned the initial sale into more money. The point here is to help you overcome feelings of not being ready to sell. Don’t stop to keep learning, so that the marketing you do can be right on target. Because it is not uncommon, marketers are given a target to get a certain number of consumers. Make consumers comfortable with the right way when conveying information, foster a sense of trust and finally decide to use the product or service you offer.

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