April 19, 2024
What's The Difference Between Freelancers and Entrepreneurs?

What’s The Difference Between Freelancers and Entrepreneurs?

A freelancer is someone who is paid for their work and this type of job is also known as a “casual job”. A freelancer is not bound by working hours, meaning that it is more flexible than permanent employees at a company. The size of the wages to be earned is usually determined from the hours of work or projects received. Working as a freelancer can be used as a side business, it can be started by anyone who is competent in the related business field. In addition, freelancers can also work for more than one company because of the flexibility a freelancer has. In Indonesia, there are websites and associations as a forum for freelancers.

Different from freelancers, an entrepreneur must at least have capital in the form of money to start a business. An entrepreneur must think long and hard about how to build a successful business and continue to be big. The focus is more on growing and scaling the systems they build. The goal of an entrepreneur is to be able to make satisfying sales, increase incomes and make a difference for the crowd from the business he is building.

The problem that often arises is, when freelancers want something more, such as being a permanent employee in a company. Meanwhile, not all companies can accept freelancers as permanent workers, because according to company owners hiring freelancers as permanent employees will affect the views of investors. They will think, that there is a possibility that you are not competent and sell a product if you have permanent freelancers. However, with the times all of that took place changed. Where freelancers have influence and it doesn’t matter if they are made as permanent employees.

Become a freelancer or an entrepreneur?

The one who knows the answer to this question is yourself. You have to understand yourself, leaning more in what direction? When deciding to become a freelancer, find out how to do the best work in your field, make an impact with great work results. Don’t worry when you don’t freelance at a company, you can find or offer to other companies. A freelancer can get ahead and survive by being more connected, smarter, more effective and creative.

It’s different when you decide to become an entrepreneur, don’t hire yourself. In the sense of building a successful business, it can grow far into the future even without you. In addition, build a business that can prosper people. Try to always be able to produce new innovations that are fresher and your business will not seem boring.

The advantages of working as a freelancer

After knowing about freelancers and entrepreneurs, you may even unconsciously read some of the advantages of both. In the following, we will describe in more detail the advantages of working as a freelancer.

Flexibility of working hours

Yaps, this is what makes a lot of enthusiasts. Being used as a side job in the middle of already having a job, this can be due to having additional income or filling in the time gaps that are still on the sidelines of a busy main job. In addition, the freedom and flexibility they have, ultimately directs a freelancer to be more self-controlled and more skilled in the field that is already mastered. Know more and be able to develop the potential that is in him.

Free in choosing clients or companies

You also have the freedom to choose projects from any client that are in accordance with the field you are good at. Even if you have more than one project or work for more than one company, it is very different from a permanent employee who can't be like this.

Can work anywhere

It doesn't have to be in the office, you can choose anywhere to work on the project that has been taken. Choose a place that is not monotonous, so that work is more comfortable and develop ideas that you may not get while in the office.

Work as a hobby

Not a few, workers who work in fields that are not according to their passion, not according to their hobbies, so that they work even harder, need time to produce brilliant ideas. Working according to a hobby is fun and when it can provide satisfying results, it is not impossible that you will get an increase in pay.

The advantages of working as an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur also has advantages in running his business, such as:

Can determine their own income

The amount of salary to be received by an entrepreneur can be determined independently, in contrast to employees who see the minimum wage or company policy.

Can train leadership spirit

This is for sure, you will be the leader. How can you be a good leader, not authoritarian, can protect your employees and be able to embrace success together. In addition, as a leader you are also required to be able and courageous to make decisions, solve problems that occur and delegate work to employees.

Opening up jobs

By becoming an entrepreneur, that means you will need labor. Opening up jobs will really help workers who are in need of work, besides that you also help the country's economy. The number of new graduates but not in balance with the existing employment opportunities, makes it difficult for them to get a job. With so many new entrepreneurs, this will be good news for job seekers, fresh graduated.

The wider the relation reached

As an entrepreneur, you will meet many people. This relationship or connection is very useful for your business, you can build a good cooperation. You can also develop their business by having many relationships, making it easier for you to market the products you have.

Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you both have a good side to your life, especially in meeting economic needs. At certain times, you can become a freelancer to stay alive. The opportunity to become an entrepreneur is always there, as long as you can find out when that moment is coming, take advantage of existing circumstances and are ready to live as an entrepreneur.

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