July 16, 2024
Knowing Customer Needs In Doing Business. Why?

Knowing Customer Needs In Doing Business. Why?

Knowing the needs of the customer needs to be done because basically the customer is a factor in the existence and the increase of a company’s revenue figures. By knowing the needs of customers, business people can easily develop strategies to streamline the sales process for their products. Customer needs themselves are things that can be said as a gap or contradiction experienced between a reality and the impulses that exist within a person. If the customer feels that their needs are not met, the customer will show disappointed behavior. However, if the customer feels that their needs have been properly met, it will show positive behavior. So that it also makes business people really need to pay attention and know customer needs well.

In the buying and selling process, customers are often referred to as kings. Customers are the target targets for the company or business in achieving their sales targets. The sales target that has been achieved will have an impact on increasing income and success in doing business. Meanwhile, to make the customer the right sales target can be done in various ways such as doing good promotions, offering useful and quality products, knowing customer needs well, and so on. Such methods, of course, must be considered by business people so that their business can run optimally.

In this review, we will discuss why business people need to understand and know customer needs well. The following is the description:

  1. Right on target

The reason why you need to know the main customer needs is to be right on target. Right on target, what is meant is if a business person knows the needs of the customer, he will easily create a product or service that suits customer needs. In addition, business people can also observe changes in customer needs which may change and become a market trend at that time. In other words, companies can create products or services that are suitable for customer needs. So that it will be a great opportunity to get a high enough and profitable selling value for both the company and the customer who has met their needs.

  1. Business strategy

In addition to being right on target, an understanding and knowledge of customer needs can also help companies develop business strategies. With information on customer needs, a businessperson can think about and execute the right strategy, be it related to marketing or sales. For example, when a business actor knows that the needs of customers in an area are products that are in accordance with what is being produced, the business actor can distribute their products in that area. In addition, when information on customer needs is obtained by business people, it can be used as a benchmark in preparing and evaluating the results of the business performance that has been done and then formulating a more appropriate business strategy again. This will also make performance or business processes, especially marketing and sales, can occur efficiently and of course save costs.

  1. Production planning

When business people know what kind of customer needs, they can automatically analyze how many products or services the customer needs in a certain period. The results of this analysis can be used to formulate a more precise production plan and avoid a production process that exceeds the sales result so that it will increase losses. Thus, production planning can be carried out in accordance with market demand and company revenues will remain stable. However, this does not rule out the possibility of business actors increasing the amount of production outside of the analysis of customer needs and demands as long as it is carried out with the right marketing and sales strategies.

  1. Creating distinctive features

In addition to some of the points above which are the reasons why it is necessary to know customer needs, there are also other reasons that are no less influential in providing positive benefits for businesses, namely that they can create characteristics. Characteristics here can mean the characteristics of the product or service being offered. Given that when the needs of these customers are able to generate large profits are also known by other business actors, it does not rule out high competition. Therefore, as a business actor who wants to be able to get through high competition, he should create a product or service that is distinctive, different from other products and has a high selling value so that it can meet customer needs well.

  1. Find and shape market trends

The next reason is by knowing customer needs, business people can find and even form products that will become market trends. This market trend is of course still able to meet customer needs, it’s just that it can be packaged in a better shape so that it becomes a special attraction and becomes a market trend. It is also related to creating the characteristics that have been discussed in the previous point, which of these two things will form a company or business that is able to compete and develop its business towards success, of course.

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