July 16, 2024
Communication In Business Is Important

Communication In Business Is Important

Communication in business is important in all matters relating to everything in business to avoid misunderstandings. This is also driven by activities such as marketing, which of course requires good communication, considering that this will be an assessment of the quality of the business, be it by consumers, colleagues or investors. So that when a company opens job vacancies it is not uncommon for prospective employees to meet requirements, namely being able to communicate well. Communication itself is a process of delivering and receiving information from one person to another. So that when communication can be done properly, it will not cause a different perception between the informant and the recipient of the information.

Communication in doing business is divided into two types, namely vertical communication and horizontal communication. Vertical communication is the process of delivering information from the leadership to the employee or vice versa. For example, leaders give orders or instructions, and provide performance reports from employees to leaders. It aims to maintain a good relationship between leaders and employees and to coordinate employee activities in order to focus on realizing business objectives being carried out. Meanwhile, horizontal communication is a way of communication to ensure good relations between leaders at the same level and is realized by holding regular meetings. From these conditions, it is not wrong if communication in doing business is important to have or be applied by all business people whether they are positioned as leaders or employees. Then what is the impact of the importance of communication in doing business? Let’s look at the following description:

  1. Avoid misunderstandings

As previously explained, this good communication can avoid misunderstanding or different perceptions. So that when business people are able to communicate well, things such as misunderstandings or miscommunication become things that don’t need to be questioned and can be resolved peacefully. In addition, it makes it easier for business people to minimize unnecessary problems or problems and will make business people focus more on their respective tasks.

  1. Help build a business team

In building a team, a leader is needed who is able to communicate well to every individual on the team. So that when the leader is able to communicate well, it can have a positive impact on the team that is built to be superior and produce better performance.

  1. Improve business processes

By communicating while running a business, it will be useful to discuss the progress of the business being carried out. It is also able to provide a solution if the business being run encounters a problem or discusses plans that will be carried out for future business. So that the business processes that are carried out will be more improved and can be developed more efficiently.

  1. Improve service quality

As previously discussed, communication in doing business does not only occur between leaders and employees or fellow business people, but also between business people and consumers. This is due to an interaction, such as during marketing or sales transactions that require service from the business actor to the consumer. When business people can and are able to communicate or interact well with consumers, it will help businesses improve good service. Of course, this is important for businesses, considering that this is a reference or a way to attract consumers regarding the products offered.

  1. Build a positive and conducive atmosphere

Good communication between business people can build a positive and conducive atmosphere in a business. As previously discussed, communication can minimize misunderstandings. Where this misunderstanding can trigger an internal business conflict that results in discomfort that occurs between business people. However, this can be avoided and resolved if there is good business communication.

  1. Understand market conditions

In communicating with customers, it is not only during the marketing process or sales transactions. Where communication with customers can occur when conducting surveys. So that when good communication is implemented it will help business people in knowing what is lacking in the products offered according to consumers. In addition, it can clearly identify market demand in accordance with consumer wants and needs.

Communication in business must indeed be applied properly to support increased cooperation and improve performance to be more creative and innovative, which can encourage the business to be superior to other competitors.

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