October 23, 2021
Know 3 Strategies for Selling Without 'Selling'

Know 3 Strategies for Selling Without ‘Selling’

There are 2 selling techniques in the business world, hard selling and soft selling. Both have different functions and ways but with the same purpose. For hard selling, this is a sales technique that is direct and open in the hope that consumers are interested and immediately make transactions. However, it is not uncommon for this technique to be called “aggressive” and consumers feel rushed. Another case with soft selling techniques, this technique is more subtle in its approach, making consumers feel comfortable and not rushed.

Selling or selling activities is very important for any business. If there are no sales, your business will go bankrupt. In this sale there will be an agreement between the two parties, then there will be an exchange with the media of money.

Therefore, master the sales strategy well so you can build a profitable business and achieve success and can provide impressive results for your customers.

Although there is no specific secret in selling, at least you must have a good strategy and right on target. The following are strategies that can increase your insight into selling.

Sell ​​with integrity

Selling with honesty and truth, this is the first step and the right foundation, which there must be many challenges. At least in integrity, there are three keys in observing something as stated by Harefa (2000), namely:
1) work honestly and correctly in order to present objective things
2) Keep commitments in a non-disclosure manner
3) Consistently doing activities in a way that does not reveal gaps between words and deeds

You have to instill in a running business that there is a law of reciprocity, where it is more important to give than to give to receive. Instilling the value of consumer trust in you, what you say is not an easy matter. When consumers trust, spend their time or money and want to talk to you, it is a very valuable investment. Furthermore, you also have a database, where the database is very expensive which other business people may not be able to get.

Selling is art and there’s a science of selling

Selling is not just offering a product that you have, but there is still art and knowledge so that your sales can run well. The science of selling is the science and art of influencing a person or consumer to be interested in buying or using goods and services offered by the seller. In this case, the sales language you use has a big impact on the results. Look for language that is easily accepted by the general public or consumers.

In this case, integrity must still be used. Selling with ease is about timing and listening. Closing a business is all about timing, listening, and asking the right questions. When you can have a good two-way conversation, then the psychology will help you make decisions. Therefore, knowledge is needed to sell, so as not to convey it to consumers.

Show value

When conversing with consumers, there must be value embedded in it. Not with the intention of teaching or showing how great you are. But how do you make the consumer ask questions, digest what is being said. Then think that you really help them and make you a logical choice in doing business. When delivering this, don’t let consumers think that you are just a talkative person. You must be able to distinguish which explanations are too talkative or explanations that are valuable and can influence consumers to take transaction action.

When consumers have made the decision to want your product, it doesn’t need to take long and your sales will speed up. Consumers who don’t have much time, will really pay attention to what you say. So, don’t waste the opportunity. If consumers trust you and see the value you provide, they will be more than happy to invest in getting your product, service or program.

Give good attitude, action and attention to consumers. Live your business clean, great and clear. Know your abilities, master the business you are in and apply the right strategy so that your business can run well and as expected. Later, there will likely be questions such as:

Don’t forget, a good sales strategy will create customer satisfaction and it is possible that you will have repeat customers. When you get consumers to customers, don’t immediately feel satisfied. You have to make an assessment of what has been implemented and create new strategies for the next.

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