June 13, 2024
Proven Success! Here are the Best Investment Recommendations for Employees

Proven Success! Here are the Best Investment Recommendations for Employees

Through these considerations, I provide a number of the best investment recommendations for employees, namely:

Employee’s best investment: Deposit

The best investment for the first employee is a deposit. Even though this happens because there is no risk, in accordance with the risk portfolio, which does not exist at all, the profit is not too high. If the deposit is compared to the type of investment that has high risk and high return. The advantage of this deposit itself depends on the bank that houses it.

Previously, did you know in detail what a deposit actually is? Time deposits are savings that have a certain period of time that earns an interest. Thus the interest is what is often referred to as the profit of the customer owner. Based on the previous explanation, this bank interest depends on the policies of each banking company. The average bank interest rate itself is at least 5%.

Then, an explanation of the time period, each bank has its own term, but in general it will consist of 3, 6, 9, 12, and 24 months. When that period is over, you as the owner of the deposit have the right to apply for a total withdrawal of money or to extend the period.

One thing that must be remembered in the memory of the brain that a deposit is not a savings account that can be taken arbitrarily, the customer must take the money according to the agreement that has been agreed by both parties. There are 3 types of deposits, namely:

Time deposits – Deposits commonly used people with a certain period of time so that withdrawals must be made within the specified time
Certificate of Deposit – a type of deposit that will provide a certificate for the owner because it is in the form of a certificate so that it can be easily transferred.
On Call Deposits – This type of deposit has a very short time period, usually ranging from 7 – 30 days, but must be in large amounts as well.

Employees’ Best Investment: Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are not a foreign type of investment today, even this type of investment is a solution for someone who wants to train their mentality before entering the world of stocks that have high risk.

What is a mutual fund?

As it is known that mutual funds are a type of investment product that consists of various types with various types of risk as well. As a result of this risk adjustment, it can help users in choosing investments that match their criteria. There are so many investment products from mutual funds, some of which are as follows:

IDX Mutual Funds – This type of mutual fund product provides a choice of shares managed by investment managers, as the name implies, the shares used are included in IDX30 and LQ45. These mutual funds have a high risk.
Equity mutual funds – Not much different from IDX mutual funds, the difference is only in the type of shares used, not necessarily included in the category of shares formed by the IDX. These mutual funds tend to have greater risk.
Money Market Mutual Funds – a type of investment product that moves in money, of course, the products it covers are time deposits, Money Market Securities, Bank Certificates, and so on.
Fixed Income Mutual Funds – Investments made in the form of bonds, in this condition the mutual funds tend to be low risk.
There are many other investment products that are generally provided by mutual funds.

Best Investment in Gold (Savings, Installments & Cash)

Gold investment is one type of investment that is most often used by people. This is because gold investment has the smallest risk so that the owner will lose very little. This condition has been proven by many people, not just one or two people. One thing that must be known this investment can only be used in the long term and cannot be used in the short term.

Why gold can only be used in the long term and not in the short term?

Gold tends to have price movements that are not too significant even though price movements always go up and rarely go down. When the user only holds it for a short time there will be a possibility of not making a profit or experiencing a profit but not optimal. Unlike the case, if the user keeps it for a very long period of time, the profits will be maximized.

There are two types of gold that are used as investments by people, gold jewelry and gold bars. There are still some people who tend to choose gold jewelry because it can be used other than as an investment. Thus beauty and investment can run smoothly. However, some others still choose gold bullion as their investment area.

Gold jewelry can only be purchased in cash, in contrast to gold bars which can use savings, installments or cash. In the concept of installments in gold bars, this has a certain time range of around 3, 6, 12 months and so on. In contrast to the condition of savings which is the latest innovation product, in short, this gold savings has a concept like a savings account in general, however, it is not in the form of money but gold.

This innovation is most often used because the capital owned by investors does not require a lot of money.

Employees’ Best Investments: Stocks

This time, we will discuss stock investment which is one of the most popular investments today. Stocks are one of the favorite investments for millennials and generation Z. This is due to the large profits that can be achieved in a short time even though the risk is very high compared to other investments.

A few tips that might help, namely before investing in stocks, it would be very good for you to know in advance the goals to be addressed. What this goal means is are you going to be an investor in the long term, or a trader in the medium term? Determine that first because it will help you to achieve maximum profit.

This is because in investing in stocks, you must do an analysis first, the analysis itself consists of two types, namely fundamental and technical. Fundamentals teach investors to read the company’s financial data and forecast future prospects. In contrast to the technical analysis based on the movement of the graph that occurred on that day.

Don’t forget to also look for the best securities because the best securities will help you achieve big profits.

Best Investment: Peer-To-Peer Lending (P2P)

Peer-To-Peer Lending or often known as P2P, this term is still very foreign to use. The system used in P2P can be summarized into a general lending system. This condition is where the creditors will lend a certain amount of funds which will be used by the debtor, then the loan will be subject to a certain amount of interest to the borrower.

P2P itself still has enough debate to include it in the form of investment or not. The purpose of a consumer loan is a loan that does not generate a profit, while a productive loan is a loan that produces a profit.

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