July 16, 2024
Financial Diet, Diet That Make You Rich!

Financial Diet, Diet That Make You Rich!

Diet is a solution for someone who wants to lose weight to get a healthier body. But for those who want to have a healthy financial, financial diet or financial diet is one solution.

Like the body diet, a financial diet also needs to be done so that finances are healthier and do not become cancer (dry bag). The financial diet is a financial restriction so as not to damage the cash flow that can make the wallet hollow. But how do you make the most of a financial diet?

  1. Start with Commitments

When you want to go on a body diet, one must have a commitment to get maximum results. Just like the body diet, to do a financial diet or financial diet, a person must have a commitment to be able to apply the methods in order to generate healthy finances.

  1. Use the 50/30/20 method

There are many financial methods that can be applied to save expenses, one of which is the 50/30/20 method. This method separates your salary for your main needs and other necessities. How, 50% of your salary is set aside to meet your main needs, for the next 30% it can be given for consumptive funds such as food costs, snacks, traveling, or buying new needs, and the last 20% can be allocated to savings or to invest.

  1. Record the expenditure budget

After getting the right financial method, the next step is knowing the incoming money and outgoing money by recording the budget. For the first time doing a body diet, of course someone must set targets and record food calories. In the financial diet, of course, you have to record all budgets, starting from the budget for daily life, transportation, and for the budget. However, it is better to record the budget per week. This will make it easier to determine the food ingredients to be purchased for one week’s needs.

  1. Repay debt

Debt is one of the financial problems that will become a big problem if it is not resolved properly. After recording the budget for a month, make sure that the budget for repaying the debt is also included so that it is paid off quickly. Also make sure that you will not open new debt if there are no important or urgent needs.

  1. Reducing expenses

When the commitment has been invested, the budget has been recorded, it is time to minimize consumptive expenditures outside the provided budget. Try to reduce food snacks that can actually be replaced by bringing food from home or snacks that are not really needed that can actually be bought cheaply or sold at the end of the year. Hold on guys!

  1. Allocate a little money for self-development.

This is very important, you know! The financial diet is not only about reducing expenses as much as possible. This can make you sick and unhappy. Just like the body’s diet, cheating days really need occasionally (remember, occasionally!) To make yourself happy. We still have 30% for consumptive funds, but not just for snacks or traveling, huh!

This 30% fund can be used to develop your quality. For example, by attending training, webinars, or taking courses. In addition, it can also be used for brain-picking, namely by inviting someone to lunch with more experience or knowledge than us, so that, not only do we get snacks, but knowledge from them that we can also use.

  1. Save or invest.

The final step of the financial diet is not to forget to save or invest your money. Investment instruments can be selected according to ability, for example property investment, gold investment, stocks, mutual funds, or being a funder

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