July 16, 2024
Here it is, How to Increase Customer Loyalty on Instagram

Here it is, How to Increase Customer Loyalty on Instagram

Currently, the social media platform, Instagram is one of the lucrative places for business. Many people open any business through Instagram.

With many customers. They keep abreast of the development of a selling account and comment on each post of the account.

This may be a question for you too, how to increase customer loyalty through Instagram. Because many online shops have billions of followers, their turnover can reach hundreds of millions every month.

Those of you who are just learning about business are still confused about increasing customer loyalty on the biggest social media like Instagram. So this time we will share the tips for you.

  1. Not Using Too Many Effect Features

If you are selling a product on Instagram, make sure you don’t use too many effects that take away the original color of the product. Especially if the product being sold is clothing. The color of the clothes that is different from the original color will make customers confused and disappointed.

The use of filters on Instagram is very good, but if you sell clothes or things that are related to the importance of color in a product it will be very annoying. Likewise with products in the form of food.

The excessive effect will make the food products you sell strange. Moreover, the effects that have a big effect on the color of a product.

Make sure the photos of the products you sell are in real colors, so customers can see the actual colors of the products.

Especially for goods made of cloth, usually customers will see what color matches their skin. So that the determination of the appropriate color is very important.

  1. Create a Brand that is Easy to Remember

If you are in business make sure to use a brand that is simple and easy to remember. Brand is important in making a business so the name must be able to sell. Because when a brand already has regular customers, the brand will continue to be trusted forever as long as its reputation is good.

In addition, when using Instagram, make sure the brand name is the same as the account name used. So it’s best not to use a personal account for business matters.

Because if your brand name has a lot of followers, there is an opportunity for you to continue to maintain business using that account.

  1. Upload Product Creation Content

To increase customer loyalty through Instagram, one of them is also by posting how to make products. The process of making a product can be done by making a short teaser video that provides a snippet that the product you are making is actually done with a good process.

Especially if the product you are selling is a food product. Customers will be very satisfied if it turns out that the manufacturing process of the product you sell is carried out in a hygienic manner. So that other customers will feel curious about the products you sell.

By displaying a snippet of product manufacturing, customers will know that the product you are selling is a product that prioritizes quality and service. And also for video footage of product creation, make sure it is made with careful planning and is certainly interesting.

  1. Show How To Use The Product

Showing how to use a product is also a way to increase customer loyalty through Instagram, which an online shop must do. This is very mandatory no matter what product you are selling.

For example, if you sell clothes, you can provide examples of mix and match clothes that match the product you are selling. So that customers who have a fashion interest like that, can be interested and buy your product.

Or even catch those who can’t mix and match clothes. So they can get new inspiration for the style of dress that matches the shape of the clothes you are selling.

If you are selling food, you can also show how to eat deliciously the products you sell. For example, you can show that eating this product in the morning will be more delicious when accompanied by a warm drink. Or the food will be more delicious if it is refrigerated first. And so forth.

That way they will know how to use the product you are selling. So, they will be very interested in these products.

  1. Notify Offline Shop Location

Furthermore, to increase customer loyalty through Instagram is to tell them the location of the offline store. Post daily activities in your shop, and also tell them the full address of your shop. So that those who are close can come directly to the shop.

This method is an effective way to increase customer loyalty. Because by showing them the offline store, they will be more convinced that you are actually selling the products displayed on Instagram.

In addition, if you sell items such as clothes, those who are not satisfied with the product photos can ask them to come directly to the store. So that the transaction process can be easier to do.

  1. Create Ads

Online businesses cannot immediately have many customers. To be able to sell more products requires an advertisement.

If you see an online shop product that has hundreds of thousands of followers, of course you will be amazed how they get so many targeted customers.

Of course the answer is by advertising. You can take advantage of the advertisements provided on Instagram by setting the right target. The right sales target will increase customer loyalty through Instagram.

Another way that can be done is by endorsing the product to celebrities. This method is indeed quite effective, especially if the celebrities you endorse are those who have a large enough influence.

Whatever the product they usually accept, as long as the product has clear benefits and quality.

This way of advertising will increase customers and followers with the right target. So, their loyalty will be guaranteed and your turnover will increase every month.

  1. Create an Event Giveaway

In addition to being able to attract a lot of followers, giveaway can also increase customer loyalty through Instagram. Maybe you often wonder why online shop accounts on Instagram often hold giveaway. The answer is none other than in order to attract loyal followers and customers.

You can create a giveaway by asking your followers to mention the people closest to them. So they will also be interested in joining the giveaway that you are holding and of course they will also follow your account if they are interested in the products you sell.

Giveaway is the most common way online shop owners do. Usually the giveaway given is the newest product from the store. Especially if your store brand already has a name, of course the giveaway is the thing that most followers are waiting for.

  1. Provide Humor, Q&A, and More Content

So that customers don’t get bored, you don’t have to post products every day so they get bored. Also upload humorous content that can make them tickled and feel entertained by the content you create. Or you can make a question by using the features in Instagram.

By creating content that allows customers to interact with you, you can indirectly get more engaged. Usually an account’s Instagram story will probably often appear on the homepage of someone who frequently interacts with the account.

It should be an opportunity for you to interact more with your customers. Or you can use live Instagram to get closer to customers by answering their questions. This method of course will increase customer loyalty.

  1. Using Hashtags

Hashtags are important when uploading products on Instagram. If your account is new, then you can easily add followers by using hashtags.

Or if your business account turns out to have a lot of followers, you can use special hashtags for your products.

Hashtags can also be used for product testimonials, or people using your product. For example you can use the hashtag #LadyofName of your Brand. It can make it easier for people to find testimonials about products that have been sold.

  1. Let Followers Know The People Behind Your Brand

One of the ways that you can increase customer loyalty through Instagram is by introducing the people behind your brand. You can introduce them in a fun way, for example those who like to take photos are humorous people. You can post funny behind scene photos of the person.

Or the very perfectionist fashion designer and so on. This can make your business more trusted by consumers and they can be interested in the products you sell if the testimonials given by previous customers are satisfying.

  1. Give Rewards to Loyal Customers

To keep your loyal customers loyal to the products you sell, give them surprise rewards that make them even more happy with your brand and the products you sell. Rewards can be in the form of products or other things that will make them more loyal to your brand.

By providing rewards, customers will increasingly feel that they are close and appreciated. That way they will be reluctant to switch to other products. As if the customer is king, you have to keep impressing them with everything you do.

Rewards can also be given to those who, for example, give good reviews, or those who provide good advice on products being sold.

Besides being able to increase customer loyalty, this can also make the products you sell more qualified. So take advantage of consumer involvement with the products to be sold. Because in this way they can be more loyal to your account.

Those are the tips for increasing customer loyalty through Instagram that we can share with you. In this way, you will never lose a loyal customer.

And also won’t disappoint them. With good interaction between producers and consumers, of course the quality of the products can be maintained and customers will continue to be satisfied with the products they buy.

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