October 23, 2021
Know These 5 Blogging Ways To Grow Your Business

Know These 5 Blogging Ways To Grow Your Business

It is unfortunate if there are those who don’t use blogs. For individuals who are not entrepreneurs, blogging can be a career opportunity, such as working as a freelance article writer. Blogs do provide many benefits, either just pouring into a hobby of writing or becoming a business field.

However, to build an audience from a blog that you create is arguably easy, depending on how you choose. There are those who have tried to create a lot of written content, spend a lot of time on their blogs, but the audience that comes is not what they expected.

If you already feel this way, you can stop for a moment and rethink what content marketing is doing. Take your time rebuilding and rebuilding your blog. find the right content strategy for your business branding.

Don’t push yourself too hard when you know that the way you are doing it is not giving good results. Because your business can be developed through a blog only with the right content strategy.

The Right Way to Develop a Business with a Blog

After you have succeeded in building an audience from your blog, then think about how to get your audience interested in the products or services offered. Here are the steps to building your business through a blog.

Define your audience and learn how to turn them into customers

No matter how good the content you create, but it is not relevant or what people are looking for, it will not attract the attention of the audience to come to your blog.

Determine what your content and audience are like, this is to make sure you don’t waste too much time on content that no one will read. Add interesting content from your main content, so that your audience feels you are getting interesting info from your blog.

Make your audience willing to spend a long time visiting your blog, by reading the content that you have. After that find a way to convert your audience into customers. Set up your website with a clear path to your product.

Use the right keywords and SEO to attract the audience

Determine the right strategy so that the posts from your blog can be ranked in the top one in the Google search engine. Because ranking high in search results is a powerful way to put your brand in front of your audience.

The audience will usually be more interested in seeing the posts that are at the top, because they are considered more relevant and many have read them. While not blaming this non-topping content, that their content is wrong or something else. It’s just that the SEO strategy used is still not quite right.

You can use keywords that are related to your product or service or are still related to the content created, because your content must cover many topics.

After that, you can explore further from the keywords that have been created. Keywords of three or more words are good to focus on because there is less competition to rank and people who search for these terms are more likely to make a purchase.

For example, people will search more specifically for the word “black gamis shirt” rather than “shirt robe”. You can use SEO to research the keywords that you will use. This SEO will show you how competitive, search volume and which sites are ranking for the keywords you will use.

Focus on the web and build blogging authority over the long term

Social media can be your place to share the results of your writing, because now almost everyone plays on social media. However, it would be better if you do not rely too much on social media even though it is known the power of social media which is very influential.

Try to share your writing on a platform that you have complete control over, which you can develop steadily over time without worrying about interruptions. Because if you build it on someone else’s platform, there is no certainty that you will always have complete control over it.

Focus by posting on your website to build brand authority. Spend most of your time publishing your best work there.

Create content strategically and consistently

You have to be serious when deciding to create a blog and web, plan the content well, strategy and be consistent. Because being consistent is not easy, there is always a temptation that makes you forget for a moment.

When inspiration strikes, content creation shouldn’t be left unchecked. You can create calendar content, so you will know what to do, what content to create.

Make your audience wait for the next written content to be published. So they will ask if you haven’t updated new content, which is a form of audience attention to you and vice versa.

Maintain and promote your content

Content that has been published for a long time does not mean it is useless. You still have to take care of it, by updating its content that still allows it to appear in search engines.

Such as updating old statistics, improving formatting, and adding new stories and facts when needed and deemed possible.

Don’t forget to promote the content that you have created. Tell people about your content, you can also use social media, email and so on. Let them know about your content and business presence.

Persevere in this blogging activity well, because this can be an investment for your business in the long term. As long as your content is still available and still on search engines, the audience can still enjoy your content. Don’t forget that writing on your blog can make your audience become customers for the products or services of your business.

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