October 23, 2021
8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Do you know what are the benefits of a website for a business and business continuity? Of course there are a lot, because now everything is completely online.

Talking about the conditions of SME and beginner entrepreneurs, we should be grateful, nowadays more and more entrepreneurs are internet literate.

In fact, many business owners can create their own websites and have a team to manage their business websites.

In the past, there were still many small business owners who thought that having a website for their business was not that important.

Because they still think that creating a website is expensive and has not yet entered into their business budget.

There are also those who argue that because their business does not use a computer, a website is not needed.

Um, it seems to me, this is a misunderstanding.

Website Benefits For Business and Business Continuity

So, here are 8 reasons why your business needs a website, and what are the benefits of a website for your business, no matter the size of your business.

Because, now is the era of information, the era of openness and ease of communication.

  1. Increase the Credibility of Small Businesses

Today, consumers increasingly use the internet to find the product or service they need.

Your small business will gain credibility by having a website. Without a website, potential customers will go to your competitors who have websites.

If you already have a website but it’s still as is, it’s a good idea to redesign it with a more professional look, which will give your business a greater level of trust.

For a home business, this is very profitable because you don’t have to have an offline store (physical shop) first to promote your products or services.

  1. Save Money

As a small business owner, you might think that you can’t afford a professional website.

However, try to compare it to the cost of advertising in newspapers, when you can see the potential market you can reach with the website, it is a very effective way of promoting your business.

While the cost of building a website varies, a website for small businesses generally costs under Rp. 500,000 per month. And it will be much more efficient if converted annually.

  1. Always Connect With Customers

Try to imagine your website as an online brochure or catalog.

It is much easier and faster to update information about products and services on your site than in printed materials, so this is an effective way to keep your customers informed about new product arrivals, upcoming events, special promotions, or new services that you are currently offering. .

Unlike print ads that quickly become obsolete, your website can provide up-to-date information.

  1. Easy to Access

A website can be accessed by yourself and potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

They can comfortably view your products and services when the offline shop or office is closed.

With today’s busy lifestyle, this is a big selling point when making a buying decision.

  1. Reaching a wider target market

Whether selling products or services, the website will always be an attractive alternative place to promote it.

As a retailer of a product, an eCommerce website or an online store, is a great place to promote your product to a wider market, because your product is globally accessible and visible.

Eits, but wait, don’t rush into thinking that you can’t sell your product or service online. Even cars and houses can be sold online, you know!

  1. Product and Service Catalog Facility (Portfolio)

No matter what type of business you are in, a website is a great place to showcase your work.

By including a portfolio or product photo gallery, as well as testimonials about your work, you can show what makes your business unique.

  1. Save Time

Did you know, providing information to customers definitely takes time, be it by phone, face to face, through brochures, or in email.

With an online catalog, you can provide a lot of information about your products and services.

After your website is finished, it can be accessed by your customers without limits, and it really saves your time.

Yes, and time is money!

  1. Improve Customer Service

For example, maybe you sell eco-friendly products and want to share tips on how to recycle.

Or maybe you are an accountant and want to advise your clients on how to simplify their bookkeeping practices.

By adding a question and answer page, writing articles and blogs, or providing a newsletter to answer all of your customers’ questions, it can keep subscribers up-to-date.

So, what better way is there to provide a plus-plus service like this compared to sharing information on your website? Hmm, you must have known the answer.

Thus, some of the benefits of having a website for business. Please share with colleagues, relatives, or anyone in need, so that you will be enlightened about the benefits of the website.

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